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The essential accessories for a photographer

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The essential accessories for a photographer

You spend a lot of money buying cameras and lenses while you tend to save on accessories because they are underestimating their importance. There is nothing more wrong, they allow you to have peaceful dreams.

The accessory is what completes and perfects the functionality of something. I realize that it is not always easy to choose them and the risk is to spend unnecessary money. Almost everyone buys online, you save a lot of money, there is much more choice than a physical store and then, you want to put the comfort and excitement of the package delivered to the courier home? I’m sure that at least once you bought a product via the Internet, otherwise, especially for this type of purchases I recommend it. All you need is a prepaid card (or rechargeable card) and a PayPal account, so you can make every transaction in a completely safe and fast.

12 essential accessories for a photographer

1. The lens hood is an accessory that not all brands sell together with the lens, but that is necessary because it avoids the reflections of the sun, prevents the photos from fading and protects the lens from possible shocks.

2. The UV Filter is a glass that is mounted on the lens and serves to protect it from minor impacts and scratches. Any repair that the target would cost a lot, better to be foresight. The filter in question also performs another function that is to block ultraviolet rays and return images with unaltered colors.

3. The cleaning kit consists of a pump, useful for removing dust particles from the lens and the sensor. A small brush with soft bristles, a specific liquid and sheets of optical paper to remove halos and fingerprints. It is important that the lenses of the lens are always clean so as to obtain clear images and without the presence of stains, which should be removed later in post-production. Find out how to clean the camera.

4. Shoulder bag or backpack: the choice must be made on the basis of the quantity of photographic material that is available and from what you want to transport. Both are useful anyway, because they perform a function of protection from possible impacts and rain.

5. Self-adhesive protective glass for LCD display that does not need to explain its usefulness.

6. Portable hard disk: I suggest you to put your photos in a safe place. In case of computer malfunction you always have a backup on the external hard disk.

7. Memory cards: it is essential to choose the most suitable to shoot smoothly.

8. Memory card case for storing and transporting photos securely.

9. The tripod for shooting in low light conditions or when long exposures are to be used. It allows to frame the scene well and get photos with excellent definition.

10. The wireless remote control is useful together with the tripod to control the camera remotely.

11. The reflective panel which, in the absence of the flash, is a valid alternative to fill the shaded areas and have a uniform light on the framed subject.

12. The graphics tablet allows you to postproduce images accurately and quickly, saving precious time.

Are you thinking how much money do you have to pay? Do not worry, in case you decide to buy even more than one accessory at a time, the amount to spend will still be limited, therefore, do not delay. In order for things to last well over time, care must be taken of them.

If you need of these equipment or part of its, you can buy everithing HERE!!!

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