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How to shoot a rock concert

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How to shoot a rock concert

There are many fans of rock concerts and other live shows. Here’s how to properly use the camera to take pictures at a rock concert.

Shooting a Rock Concert: the complete guide

For music lovers and more, the concert is one of those events that at least once in life should be witnessed: stand in front of a stage, hear the music spread from the speakers, feel the vibrations of the low frequencies, all emotions that only music can give.

Has it ever occurred to you to take some pictures during a concert? The time has come to start. Where do you start? The best way to photograph a concert is the report, a technique that involves telling a story through natural and spontaneous images. In a report, people’s expressions and emotions make the difference, in this case musicians, then the audience, the context and some details.

Each concert is in itself, there are times to be respected, the places can be different: pubs, theaters, open spaces, but in principle there are factors to be taken into account. One of these is the lack of brightness: remember not to use the flash, in some contexts it is forbidden, but regardless of this it is better to take advantage of the lack of natural light to better capture the emotions.

Photographic kit necessary

1. Luminous objectives: invest in quality optics. The wide opening will allow you to keep shutter speed faster, essential to avoid camera shake. In addition, they provide excellent bokeh, ideal for detaching the subject from the background. And if they are equipped with optical stabilization you will have an extra safety that the photos are sharp. Two indispensable optical lenses are a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens perfect for a wide variety of shots. The first is to create a nice scenic effect, obviously you must have a way to get a lot closer to the subject. The second, however, serves to isolate the subject is to focus more on the details.

2. Camera lending that is equipped with a sensor and processor of the latest generation that allows you to easily raise the ISO without highlighting too much digital noise. You will have no problems if you are equipped with a fullframe.

4 attentions you must have

1. With the first shots, check the exposure and focus using the LCD screen. Do not trust the preview as it is, the photos seem all in focus, check well by zooming the image a couple of times.

2. Pay attention to the composition taking care not to include disturbing objects such as microphones that cut the faces. Give importance to the subject, not only use the horizontal and vertical orientation, tilt the camera trying new shots that give a sense of dynamism. Music is also movement and so it is good to show it in the photos.

3. Attention to how you move: you are not the only ones who want to listen and watch the concert, the more the context will be small and the more you have to be invisible.

4. Eyes wide open: the concert is a thrill of emotions, at the beginning the musicians will be quite still and even the expressions will be uninteresting, but as soon as the band gets warm and you will create the right feeling with the audience at that point will be your moment, you will have to know how to seize the moment.

6 tips to avoid making a mistake

1. Use a safety time, what does this mean? The shutter speed is directly proportional to the focal length so if taken with an effective length of 80mm you will need to use an exposure of at least 1/80 sec this applies to the camera with full format sensor. While if the sensor is formed APS-C you have to consider the multiplication factor: for example Nikon has a factor of 1.5X then, the effective length will not be 80mm, but 120mm (80mm * 1.5) and also the exposure will have to be at least 1/120 sec.

2. The multiple colored and contrasted lights cause the sensor to perform an incorrect reading, so I recommend to measure the scene on the face of the musician using the spot mode.

3. Grip the camera correctly with your right hand and forefinger on the shutter button and your left hand to support the camera under the lens, the elbows must be close to the trunk and the legs a little apart, maintaining a regular breathing.

4. Remember to shoot in raw, do you want to know why? Check out the subject by reading this article “raw or jpeg? The pros and cons of each “.

5. Raise the ISO without fear, better a photo in focus with the noise that a blurry to throw.

6. Use fast and capacious memory cards, you have to take a burst, you will be able to make a selection on a wide choice.

The beauty of a concert is that there is never anything pre-arranged, there are no people posing, the light varies continuously, serves promptness which is acquired only with so much practice. And at the end of it all, once again the photographer will make the difference.


Are you interested in a book that teaches you how to learn how to photograph correctly? Buy this book or this, both great guides for those who start !!!!

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