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How to clean the camera

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How to clean the camera

How to clean the camera: the complete guide.

Clean the camera properly

The camera as well as any other electronic device is subject to wear and, preventing this process is impossible. We live in a society with the culture of consumerism where the engine of everything is programmed obsolescence. However, it is possible to slow down this “aging” process with some precautions so as to make investments profitable for as long as possible.

My advice is also to buy quality products, certainly require some more sacrifice, but at least guarantee reliability over time. Theory that is true in the vast majority of cases, but we know, perfection is not a constant and, unfortunately, someone will happen or have already experienced a misadventure. And anyway, the saving mentality does not reward, buying shoddy products leads you to spend a lot more money. Now, let’s see how to take care of your camera.

5 precautions to safeguard the camera

1. Handle the camera carefully to avoid ruinous falls.

2. Do not use visibly damaged SD cards and when inserting into the appropriate slot, check that the verse is the right one.

3. Check for updates, they are used to make improvements or solve some bugs. Remember to download only software certified by official websites.

4. Store your camera and lenses safe from possible shock and temperature changes in a case, bag or rucksack, with their caps. In winter, when you switch from an external to an indoor environment, if the thermal shock is enormous, it creates a condensation effect that bathes the camera. The advice is, before removing the camera from the bag, wait about ten minutes and then, with the microfibre cloth dries the camera body and especially the lenses, which may be subject to the appearance of fungi.

5. When you change a lens, rotate the camera downward so as not to allow entry of dirty material. Make sure you are in a place where there is no dust and, if you are outdoors, pay attention to the wind that carries dirt. It is important to act with confidence, therefore, proceed using a stable shelf or with the camera hanging on the neck and verify that the hooking is done well.

The camera is a concentrate of technology, composed of elements of different nature and, all of them, more or less, tend to slowly deteriorate over time. With proper cleaning, performed regularly and as needed, you can keep your camera as new.

An effective cleaning in 4 steps

I am aware of the fact that cleaning the electronic and glass parts can cause a certain fear, fear of irreparably ruining your camera, cost a lot of money and sacrifices, but with a little ‘attention and patience you will achieve excellent results.

1. We start from the rubber parts, which cover the lens rings and the camera handle. Already after some months, some white spots may appear, mainly caused by the sweat of the hands. Would you like to return the rubber of its black color? Quiet, you just buy glycerol that you find in the pharmacy and dilute a teaspoon in half a glass of water. After that, wet a white dishcloth with this solution and pass it on the rubber surfaces, which will come back as new.

2. The camera body can be cleaned quickly with a microfibre cloth, possibly wet with just a little water. If some grains of dust persist, on the market there is a malleable rubber, specific for electronic equipment that, precisely because of its sticky properties, is able to trap the most difficult dirt.

3. The viewfinder, for its small size, is one of those parts a little ‘more difficult to clean. First, remove the rubber eyecup from the optical viewfinder then clean the glass with the microfibre cloth. You could also use a cotton bud, but be careful not to apply too much pressure.

4. How to clean the sensor. The sensor is one of the most important and delicate parts of the camera, you can clean it in two ways: either send it to a specialized service center or do it yourself using appropriate and never improvised tools.

How do you notice that the sensor is dirty?

All you need to do is take some pictures on the sky or on a white sheet with the diaphragm closed (f / 22) and when you see the images enlarged 100% on the monitor, you will notice spots. Only in the presence of these stains is the sensor cleaned. I repeat, it is a very delicate part and the less you put your hands and the better.

Most modern cameras feature an automatic sensor cleaning system that can be set both when the camera is turned on and off. If you do not find the relevant item in the menu, refer to the instruction manual. When the dust removal system is started, micro-vibrations “shake” the sensor to remove dust. During this procedure the camera must be kept straight. Too bad that this system is not always effective because when you infiltrate the dust, especially during the change of objectives, it takes much more to remove it.

– Use the pump to blow off the dust.

– Activate the mirror lifting from the menu to display the sensor.

– Remove the lens or cap while keeping the camera facing down. I recommend, when you do this make sure you have a firm grip or even better if you fix the camera on a tripod.

– Blow again with the pump on the sensor without touching it, you could compromise the camera forever and a possible repair should be paid from your pocket.

If even in this way the stains continue to be seen, there would still be another solution, but I do not want to advise you. Send the camera to the nearest service center and in a few days, with a small amount of money, you will come back as new.

How to clean a lens

First, you must have purchased a cleaning kit, equipped with an air blower, a small brush with soft bristles, disposable optical paper sheets, a microfibre cloth and lens fluid. Let’s see how to use the tools just mentioned and in what order.

1. Start with the air blower, there are two or three sizes on the market, the larger one is the most suitable because it can blow a greater amount of air at a higher pressure. Approach it as much as possible to the lens at an angle of about 45 degrees and make some “spompettata” so that the most obvious dirt flies away.

2. Take the brush and use it gently to remove the last remaining grains.

3. The liquid, in the case of the spray bottle, spray it on the microfibre cloth and the latter pass it carefully on the lens, making a circular movement from the center to the outside. In the event that the bottle is equipped with a cap attached to a small brush, you can use the latter moistened directly on the lens and then, dry and clean with disposable optical paper.

4 things NOT to do absolutely if you clean camera

1. Never blow the lens or the sensor with your mouth. Some droplets of saliva may fall onto it.

2. Do not use compressed air cans, especially for the sensor, the high pressure can damage it.

3. Do not use detergents to clean the house, they are too aggressive.

4. Do not save on the cleaning kit, for a few euros more do not die.


Cleaning the camera is a practice that is of little importance, but if done correctly, it ensures clear images and free of those annoying spots. It’s like a coupon, it helps to prevent unpleasant events and helps to give the camera a long life, keeping an aspect like new.

At this point, you have all the information you need to clean up safely. Always stay focused, a little distraction can cost you money.

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