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How to choose the best SD card

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How to choose the best SD card

There are an infinite number of SD cards on the market and the risk, especially at the beginning, is to get confused easily. Did you ever find yourself in a store or browse the web and do not know which SD to buy?

The presence of all those acronyms and numbers often create doubts, so I decided to do a little ‘clarity, so that you can choose the most suitable SD card without being disappointed.

The SD cards are an essential accessory for photographing, but whose importance is often underestimated. Modern cameras, which create ever larger files, require memory cards with ample space, which can also guarantee excellent performance. Ignoring one of these two factors can translate into a reduced number of files to save, a slow save and a low-performing computer transfer that will keep you waiting for some time.

The difference between SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards

The first thing to stress is that there is no difference in terms of quality and safety.

How to distinguish the capacity of a SD card:

– SD up to 2GB

– SDHC from 2GB up to 32GB

– 64GB SDXC up to 2TB

The class and the speed of SD

There are four classes: 2, 4, 6 and 10. This value represents the minimum transfer speed, from and to a memory card. Speed ​​is important for two reasons:

1. reading speed describes how fast data can be recovered from a card. The faster the reading speed, the faster the images will be transferred to the computer, depending on how the SD card is connected to the computer: directly or via USB using a card reader.

2. Writing speed describes how quickly images can be saved on a card. This value is to be taken into consideration especially when making the burst in continuous mode or shooting a video in HD. This value is very important for the sports photographer and for weddings.

UHS-1 and UHS-2: speed differences

If you find the code UHS-1 you reach a speed between 25MB / s and 104MB / s, while with the UHS-2 the speed ranges from 104MB / s to 312MB / s. These cards are compatible with all systems, but are supported by the latest generation of cameras and card readers.

To understand the numbers shown here, look at the image in the header

1. The maximum read speed expressed in Megabytes per second MB / s. The card will be able to reach this value only for short periods of time.

2. Another way to express the maximum reading speed.

3. The type of SD.

4. It represents the minimum guaranteed writing speed. A class 3 means that the writing speed will never drop below 30MB / s.

5. The class (I would never go below 10).

6. It represents the maximum reading speed.

7. The capacity that will depend on the use you have to make of it.

The SD have prices more than accessible, but be careful not to save too much, you may have nasty surprises. Also, keep at least two tabs with you, always double-check the files on your computer and format the card each time you use it.

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