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Errors to avoid on FB Fan Page

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Errors to avoid on FB Fan Page

The Facebook page is a great tool to promote yourself, but it only makes sense if you are aware that the management of it requires constancy and a precise strategy.

Often we start with enthusiasm and many good intentions, publishing beautiful images for a few days or a few weeks and then, the most absolute silence for a long period of time. A sad end that can be avoided.

7 errors to avoid on the Facebook page

1. Do not treat the page. What will be the first thing a person will do? Intrigued, you will visit the page to get a first impression of you. Therefore, set an image for the 180 x 180 px size profile containing a close-up of you or the brand logo. The cover image, with dimensions 851 x 315 px, must communicate a clear message: who you are and what you do. From time to time, updating the image will give people a positive perception of you. Under “information” fill in all the fields and customize the buttons. I advise you to select the “subscribe” button so that people can subscribe to your newsletter. Also, remember to save images in .png format, it will allow you to keep the sharpness. If you are looking for more information on optimizing images for the web and Facebook, download the free guide.

2. Publish only photographs. If you have a blog, share the articles you post, offer tips / anecdotes from your experience. Proposing valuable content gives you authority, but it is essential that an exchange of ideas also takes place. Share the people who follow you through questions and surveys. In doing so, you will stimulate people to interact and follow you.

3. Do not customize the post. To increase the chances of interaction with your post, use emoticons and try to express a concept clearly without delay. People are in a hurry and want answers right away.

4. Always publish at the same time. On the web there are several suggestions to publish in certain time slots rather than in others, according to which, a post should get more visibility. Or, thanks to the insights, in the “post” voice you will visualize a graph, where in correspondence of every day you will see when your fans are online. Attention, a spike in the graph corresponds to a greater number of online users, but does not always guarantee a good visibility of the post. This happens because, if everyone always respected the same times, there would be overcrowding and the probability that the post will go unnoticed. Experience different times and make the difference, focus on the quality of the content.

5. Invite your friends to “like” the page. A part of them will accept the invitation just because they would like to refuse, but do not expect them to interact with your posts.

6. Buy fans for a fee, you will get a numerical increase in fake or in-person accounts that do not care about you. Be wary of treating your current fans and every now and then, as Simone Bennati recalls in his post, it’s good to do a little cleaning. The “few but good” is always valid.

7. Choose not to sponsor your posts. After the umpteenth change of algorithm, the pages get less visibility, giving more space to the news shared and commented by friends. If you want to be serious, you must know that Facebook is not free. By sponsoring valuable content, you can reach a wider audience with a specific target.

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