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Bad habits in photography

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Bad habits in photography

How to avoid the most common mistakes that every beginner photographer makes at the beginning.

Bad habits mean that people enter a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out of it, but not impossible. For this reason, I want to help you find the right stimuli to continue to face with serenity your path in photography. Have you ever gone through a period when you were demotivated? It’s normal, it can happen to everyone. However, you can prevent it from happening again, learning about the “monster”. Now, I list the bad habits that are most common and what you can do to abandon them permanently.

9 bad habits in photography (Bad practice)

1. Take care of your photographic equipment, when it is more than enough the camera of a smartphone to get a good picture that can communicate something. Do not get me wrong, in the case of a service on behalf of a client, you need professional equipment.

2. Set yourself on photographic technique instead of developing observation skills. The choice of the frame is the most important phase, because when the photographer makes the cut, he gives an interpretation of reality. Decide what to communicate.

3. Use aphorisms to appear better photographers.

4. Make the capiscioni ignoring the story. I’m not telling you to study the whole story from the beginning, but at least know as many photographers as possible, some things about their path and their photos, to make you a personal culture.

5. Being afraid to expose yourself. It never progresses. We need to get rid of fear, to be wrong, not to be up to it. Everyone started. Do not live with the anxiety of reaching a destination, what matters most is the journey. Face it with passion and constancy, aware of its strengths and weaknesses.

6. To boast of horrendous photos. It happens when you go exclusively to the web and you think you are “great” photographers for a handful of likes. It is necessary to confront each other, attending live people, visiting photographic exhibitions, photography festivals and taking part in portfolio readings.

7. Photographer of what? Why say I am a street photographer, a landscape painter, a portrait even before being a photographer? Before specializing in something it is essential to take pictures of everything, to gain experience and understand their own path to take.

8. Try envy and criticize someone. Spending a part of your time complaining and taking a victimistic attitude, only serves to consume energy. Do not wait for something to come true, start doing something right away to achieve your goals and improve yourself.

9. Cheat yourself and imitate someone good, hoping to get the same success. It is normal to be inspired and undergo certain influences, but sooner or later we must find our identity.

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